Where the tech elite meets to change the world.
The Summit is a private affair for 150 of the most impactful CEOs and founders of our industry. Summit invites you to share your vision with other change makers, from founders of unicorns like DeliveryHero, Paradox, and living legends such as Sir Martin Sorrell, to young avant garde innovators such as Claire Belmont Celo. This eclectic mix of personalities and perspectives is the reason why Summit is the absolute highlight of our year.
GP Bullhound Summit 2019 - Highlights
At the heart of tech

2019 marks the 20th anniversary of GP Bullhound, and we wanted take this opportunity to look back on how technology has shaped our world over two absolutely transformative decades. And more importantly, we wanted to look 20 years ahead and ask ourselves: What future do we WANT to build?

As founders, leaders and investors of some of the world’s most disruptive companies, we have the power, and we must challenge ourselves: How can we get even better at creating and applying new technologies for the benefit of our people and planet, and build companies that raise the bar for ethics, creativity and results?

The Summit is by invitation only. It is a not-for-profit venture and the event is backed by GP Bullhound and this year’s sponsoring partners Pictet, Sierra Blanca Estates, Nasdaq and Gómez-Acebo&Pombo. The next GP Bullhound Summit will take place in Marbella on 18-21 May 2021. To apply please contact

GP Bullhound Summit 2019 - Claire Belmont, Celo
GP Bullhound Summit - Sir Martin Sorrell, S4 Capital
GP Bullhound Summit 2019 - 20 Years of Future, by Per Roman Managing Partner GP Bullhound
GP Bullhound Summit 2019 - Titans of Tech, by Manish Madhvani Managing Partner GP Bullhound