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For the 12th consecutive year, GP Bullhound’s Technology Predictions report predicts the top 10 trends that we believe will define tech in the coming year.
From Smart Retail and Last Mile Delivery to Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, we analyze the now, near and next of the global technology sector, mapping the trends and innovations destined to drive growth for months and years to come.
Join us in the discussion as we present the findings of our report in Europe, US and Hong Kong.
SAN FRANCISCO: 16 January from 8:00am – FULL
STOCKHOLM: 24 January from 8:30am – FULL
BERLIN: 24 January from 5:30pm – FULL
LONDON: 25 January from 8:30am – FULL
PARIS: 5 February from 8:30am – FULL
FRANKFURT: 6 February from 5:30pm – FULL
GOTHENBURG: 6 February from 8.30am – FULL
FRANKFURT: 6 February from 5.30pm – FULL
MADRID: 7 February from 6:00pm – FULL
MANCHESTER: 7 February from 5:30pm – FULL
MUNICH: 7 February from 5:30pm – FULL
HONG KONG: 21 February from 8.00am – Please register here
BARCELONA: 26 February from 5:30pm – Please register here
AMSTERDAM: 5 March from 8:30am – Please register here
NEW YORK: 5 March from 6:00pm – Please register here
WARSAW: 6 March from 5.30pm – Please register here
Please note that due to limited space we are sometimes unable to accommodate everyone who wants to attend our Roundtables. Places will be allocated and confirmed via email before the events.
For more information, please contact
To download our most recent Research Reports, please click HERE