Digital Innovation in Art Award 2023
(Entries will be opened until 15 July 2023)


This award recognizes a company, an initiative or an individual in the art industry that has used digital technology, the internet and/or AI to disrupt and innovate within the art and tech world between the period of 2021-2022.

The judges will take into account the following criteria: 

  • Originality of the product or service | its unique proposition 
  • Accessibility: how easy it is to use your product or service 
  • The viability, sustainability and potential of a company, an initiative / an individual 
  • Successes or milestones in the past year: it can be in terms of growth, updates, technologies, leadership excellence and value to customer/end-users 

This award category is delivered in partnership with .ART who will receive all entries and be an integral part of the judging process.