German Fintech Update
German Fintech Update

Join us for the GP Bullhound Fintech Market Update webinar on Thursday 8 October at 17:00 CET, where we will discuss what you can expect in the German Fintech space and identify the trends to watch for in 2020, in a post COVID-19 environment.

Hosted by GP Bullhound's London-based Partner Claudio Alvarez, our Berlin-based Partner Julian Riedlbauer and Executive Director Dr. Nikolas Westphal, the online event will explore certain trends that highlight some of the COVID-19 tailwinds, such as digital payments and online trading, while also returning the focus to insurtech.

We are delighted to welcome Frederik Pfisterer, Co-founder & Managing Director of Mambu; Alexander Artopé, Co-founder & CEO of smava; Christian Nagel, Managing Partner at Earlybird; as well as Stefan Tirtey, Managing Partner at Commerzventures to a panel discussion about what we can expect of high-performing, leading Fintech companies in the future.

Thursday 8 October from 17:00 to 18:00 CET

The event is open to entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders from the tech community. For enquiries, please contact

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Our Speakers
Alexander Artopé
Co-founder & CEO

Christian Nagel
Managing Partner
Earlybird Ventures

Claudio Alvarez
GP Bullhound

Frederik Pfisterer
Group MD

Julian Riedlbauer
GP Bullhound

Dr. Nikolas Westphal
Executive Director
GP Bullhound

Stefan Tirtey
Managing Partner

Webinar: German Fintech Update

Thursday 8 October 2020 at 17:00 CET