German SaaS Perspectives
German SaaS Perspectives

COVID-19 has completely altered the landscape in which we live and work, and that has had a profound impact on the software ecosystem. While many industries have been significantly impacted, the outlook for software in Europe is bright with buoyant M&A & fundraising activity and software valuations at an all-time high.

In our GP Bullhound's SaaS webinar on Thursday 6 May 2021 from 5pm to 6pm CET, we looked into broader market trends highlighting some of the COVID-19 tailwinds in the sector and specifically in the German and U.S. markets.

Hosted by Berlin-based Julian Riedlbauer and Carsten Wagener, as well as San Francisco-based Jonathan Cantwell, the webinar explored current sector trends, valuations, and the impact on private and public market appetite for deals.

We were delighted to be joined by Nils Engelking, Co-CEO of Egoditor; and Stephan von Massenbach, Senior Advisor of Digitec for a discussion on market opportunities and challenges ahead, and what we can expect of high-performing software companies in the future.

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Nils Engelking

Stephan von Massenbach
Senior Advisor

Jonathan Cantwell
GP Bullhound

Julian Riedlbauer
GP Bullhound

Carsten Wagener
Senior Vice President
GP Bullhound