Global Tech Market Update Webinar

This is the third tech crash that GP Bullhound has lived through. We know by now that there are always winners and losers in crises like these. For instance, Zoom is up by 92% (trading at almost 40x NTM revenue) and Expedia is down by 51% YTD.

Join our GP Bullhound Global Tech Market Update webinar on Thursday 26 March at 2:00PM GMT, as we look at the various impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global tech market. We will explore how M&A and fundraising are affected, how software is faring, key learnings and prospects from Asia, what areas to invest in, and what we can expect looking ahead.  

GP Bullhound Managing Partner and Co-founder Hugh Campbell will host sector experts such as our San Francisco-based Partner Jonathan Cantwell (Software), our Hong Kong-based Executive Director Elsa Hu (Asia insights), and our Stockholm-based Vice President Johan Roslund (Public markets).

A session of Q&A will follow the presentation; please feel free to send any questions ahead of time to