GP Bullhound Impact Day
Impact Day - The Rise of Sustainable Tech

We are on the cusp of the largest capital reallocation in history, driven by the urgent transition towards a sustainable economy. The tech ecosystem is at the forefront of this transformation, with dynamics comparable to that of the tech revolution.

Can technology crack the climate crisis? How can companies and investors balance climate action and economic growth? How to create scalable ESG investment products and deliver strong financial returns?

In GP Bullhound's Impact Day we explored the impact investing ecosystem and the dynamics and tremendous opportunities this represents for the tech sector.

The online event featured company presentations, panel discussions and cover key findings from our latest research report 'Impact Investing and the Rise of Sustainable Tech'.

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Impact Day – Key Findings of the Research Report
Impact Day – Panel Discussion Finance & Impact
Impact Day – Company Presentations
Impact Day – Panel Disussion Tech & Impact
Our speakers
Carmen Boulet
Branding & Partnerships

Cameron McLain
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Giant Ventures

Charlotte Cadé & Maxime Brousse

Hanna Thofelt Lindström
Head of Communications

Jenny Keisu
X Shore

Nicolas Celier
Ring Capital

Ritu Kumar
Senior Director

Peter Hafez
Chief Data Scientist

Manon Rodier
GP Bullhound

Guillaume Bonneton
GP Bullhound

GP Bullhound Impact Day 2021
3:00pm CET
Welcome & Opening
3:05pm CET
GP Bullhound presents key findings of its Impact Investing research report
3:15pm CET
Panel discussion: Finance & Impact
3:45pm CET
Company presentations



4:25pm CET
Panel discussion: Tech & Impact