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GP Bullhound Summit

Connecting the creators of the new digital world


The Summit is a private affair for 150 of the most impactful CEOs and founders of our industry to share experiences, inspire fresh thinking, debate current and future trends. With some great activities organised such as tennis, padel, watersports, beach games, kite surfing, race car driving, we make sure to have an enjoyable time together away from the daily grind of building tomorrow’s giants.
Summit 2018 was truly unique. The amazing line up of guests discussed critical developments in technology including the future of cyber security, neurotechnology, the rise of financial applications on the blockchain, monetisation strategies of leading game and app developers, key market dynamics in US & Asia, and how Europe can build a $50bn tech company. The director of Human Rights Watch, Ken Roth, talked about how technology can give an edge in the battle for human rights.

The Summit is by invitation only. It is a not-for-profit venture and the event is backed by GP Bullhound and this year’s sponsoring partners Pictet, Nasdaq and Gómez-Acebo&Pombo.

The next GP Bullhound Summit will take place in Marbella on 21-24 May 2019. For any enquiry, please contact


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More than 210 years after it was founded, Pictet ranks as one of Switzerland’s leading private banks and is among the most respected wealth management specialists. Even though they now have a worldwide presence and a global perspective, they retain the principles that have helped clients to prosper over the years. The most important of these are the independence, long-term thinking and entrepreneurial spirit created by a partnership of owner-managers responsible for all the activities of the Pictet Group. From the outset, Pictet has focused solely on managing the wealth of private individuals and institutional investors.


They intend to keep these principles, upholding the values created in the past so that they can continue to create value far into the future. Their mission is to serve their clients, going beyond asset management to cover wealth management in its widest sense.




Attendees for Summit 2018 included Adam Kostyal Nasdaq, Alex Capurro EasyPayment Gateway, Alex Connock Missile, Alexander Artopé Smava, Álvaro Mateo Sixto Gómez-Acebo & Pombo, Anna Longoni Tartecfund, Antonio Rami Kantox, Arbia Smiti Carnet DeMode, Arnd Benninghoff MTGx, Ben Pedersen KKR, Benjamin Davies VYPR, Bonnie Roupé Bonzun, Chris Lee Jellyfish, Christian Faes LendInvest, Daniel Somos Quixel, David Levine DigitalBridge, David González Gómez, Acebo & Pombo, Dominic Joseph Captify, Dusan Omercevic Cleanshelf, Erik Fjellborg Quinyx, Esther Wong SenseTime, Fabian Hielte Erntströmgruppen, Frederic Chesnais Atari, Edie Lush Hub Culture Pavilions, Fredrik Tilander Backstage Invest, George Davies Hambro Perks, Giles Palmer Brandwatch, Greg Isbister Blismedia, Gustaf Hagman LeoVegas, Henrik Persson Ekdahl Catena, Isabella Löwengrip Löwengrip Invest, Ivan Tintore iContainers, Jacob Fant Seventy, Jari Raappana Sofigate Group, Jason Santiago Stripes Group, Jeremy Gidlow Intechnica, Johan Attby Fishbrain, Johan Kampe Harbert, Johan Leven Quintus Partners, Jose Manuel Peral Easy Payment Gateway, Juan Dominguez Velasco Adglow, Juan Urdiales Jobandtalent, Juliet Rogan Barclays, Junaid Mohiuddin Fuel by McKinsey, Jurgen Jaron Bellevue Investments, Karen Dolva No Isolation, Karim Chouikri EMAKINA GROUP, Karl Andersson Matsmart, Kate Burns Hambro Perks, Kenneth Roth Human Rights Watch, Kina Zeidler, Lawrence Chu Goodwin Procter, Luke Smith Croud, Maex Ament, Magnus Gottås Bridgepoint, Malcolm Cowley Performance Horizon, Marc Antoni Macia NoviCap, Mark Flanagan Shield Safety Group, Mårten Vading Kreos Capital, Martin Wattin Inbox Capital, Martin Ferro-Thomsen Conferize, Martin Falch 360 Leaders, Matthew Candy IBM iX, Michael Hayman Seven Hills, Michel Tombroff Jack Media, Mike Wardell Giacom World Networks, Misha Lyalin Zeptolab, Monica Kalia Neyber, Natalia Nazarova Jagoona, Nick Giles Seven Hills, Niclas Holmberg Nasdaq, Ole Mensching Careerteam, Olga Feldmeier Smart Valor, Omri Benayoun Partech Ventures, Paul Källenius Consortio Fashion Group, Paul Walsh Infinity, Paul Manuel Dept Agency, Pedro Claveria Playtomic, Peter Reid Msq Partners, Philip Marthinsen House of Radon, Philip Boyd Heads! International, Phillip Hodari Pilot Group, Pingis Hadenius Löwengrip, Pong Yip China Pacific Capital Limited, Pontus Lindwall Betsson, Ramon Sarda Pictet Group, Richard Brennan Heads! International, Richard Brass Impact Ventures, Rob Pierre Jellyfish, Robert Wilde Volcanic, Robin Ramm-Ericson LeoVegas, Sara Murray Buddi, Sean Duffy Barclays, Simon Martin Oliver, Staffan Truvé Recorded Future, Staffan Hillberg Wood & Hill Fastigheter, Stephen Shanley KKR, Surjo Soekadar University of Tübingen, Christopher Fenichell Zanbato, Oliver Feldmeier Feldmeier, Teddy Bergsman Lind Quixel, Thomas Easterby Barclays, Tiff Pike Cubic Motion, Tim Bjelkstam TipTapp, Timo Soininen Small Giant Games, Tuomas Syrjänen Futurice, Valérie Patthey Pictet Group and more..