Private: GP Bullhound Annual Strategy Session
FAQ Ski Trip

Can we stay longer at our own expense and book the return flight at a later date than Friday?"

Yes, you can extend your stay at you own expense, and a book a later return, as long as the airfare is not more expensive than the regular return flight. No expenses such as accommodation, transfer, food & beverages or ski passes are covered during your private stay. Please remember to arrange for insurance and medical health cover.

For hotel bookings, contact the hotel directly:

Hotel Montana

Oberlech 279

6764 Lech, Austria

+43 5583 2460 0

[email protected]

(Double room: 510€ per room, per night, incl. half board, Suite for 3 ppl: 828€, per night, incl. half board)

Hotel Sonnenburg

Oberlech 55

6764 Lech, Austria

+43 5583 2147

[email protected]

(Double room: 588€ per room, per night, incl. half board, Suite for 3 ppl: 1.000€, per night, incl. half board)

"Are some people staying over the weekend (from Friday 4 February to Sunday 6 February?"

Yes, some are staying longer. The best way of getting in touch with your peers is the Slack channel #strategy-session-2022 or #random.

"Is it recommended to bring our ski equipments (skis, boots and poles for example)?"

Yes, if you prefer to bring your own equipment, please just let your Office Manager know to add sports equipment to both the outbound and inbound fligtht (the costs for transporting your equipment are covered). If you don't have your own ski equipment, you can rent skis, poles, goggles and a helmet at Sporthuber ski rental at your own expense.

"Will bedrooms still be shared?"

Yes, some team members will share rooms. We try to accommodate most of you into shared suites, so you have a several bedrooms but share a bathroom.

"I am a skiing beginner and excited to give it a go. Can I confirm what equipment can I rent in Lech and is this covered? Also in regards to ski school/lessons, is this covered or at my cost?"

Ski passes, and ski lessons on Wednesday 9am-12pm are covered. Ski equipment can be rented at your own expense from Sporthuber Lech. To make this easy and smooth for you, we can arrange the booking for you. Just complete this form.

"Are vaccines required? What is considered fully vaccinated?"

For the latest update on entry requirements, please check Slack and the shared documents.

"What happens if I test positive in Lech? At Zurich airport? How would expenses, health care needs, shelter be handled?"

In the event of a positive case, a 10-day quarantine is required (Both in Austria and Switzerland). With the option of early release after 5 days with a negative PCR test.


Expenses (inlc. accommodation, flights, transfer, food & beverages) if related to a quarantine stay, are covered by the firm. Healthcare is covered by the firms groups insurance. The usual expense policy applies.