Technology Predictions 2021 – What’s next for the German market?
Technology Predictions 2021 - What’s next for the German market?

In GP Bullhound's Technology Predictions webinar on Thursday 4 February 2021 at 5pm CET, we discussed the top 10 trends that we believe will shape the technology landscape and drive the German market over the coming year.

From the digitalisation of the classroom and the adoption of cashless payment to the future of work, we analyse the next developments in the global technology sector, mapping the trends and innovations destined to drive growth for months and years to come.

A big Thank you to Michael Shangkuan, CEO of Lingoda; Markan Karajica, CEO & Founder of 7NXT and Pascal Klein, Co-Founder of Asana Rebel, for joining us for a panel discussion about what will drive the German market and what to expect of high-performing, leading tech companies in the future.

Technology Predictions 2021 webinar - What’s next for the German market? Thursday 4 February from 5pm to 6pm CET.

The event is open to entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders from the tech community. For enquiries, please contact

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Our speakers
Markan Karajica
CEO & Founder

Michael Shangkuan

Pascal Klein
Asana Rebel

Julian Riedlbauer
GP Bullhound

Brandon Overmyer
GP Bullhound, San Francisco

Carolin Drewes
Vice President
GP Bullhound

Bulat Mardanov
GP Bullhound