Heads up
GP Bullhound Fund VI
with Europe focus
3x MoM /
25% IRR
target returns
2-3 year
ten year lifetime
with flexible entry
Up to
per company
2% / 20%
mgmt. / carry
Like we said.
Sidecar I
Sidecar II
Sidecar III
Fund IV
Fund V
Building Global
tech champions
Key principles that drive our success.
The ART of investing
With +180 employees in 12 offices worldwide GP Bullhound truly has a unique reach.
GP Bullhound independently hosts +70 tech events and issues +25 insights reports each year.
Having our finger on the tech pulse and being flexible enables us to optimally time investments.
We get true growth returns by having a venture like portfolio and diversifying away unsystematic risk with small stakes across category leaders resulting in highly likely 3-5x fund with no J-Curve.
A dedicated team supported by a global organisation.
Investment team
Geo and Sector Heads - extended sourcing network
ValueHigh riskMedium riskOr timing window is ephemeral just before breakthoughLow risk5-10x MoMEarly Adopters3-5x MoMMass Adopters2-3x MoMUbiquity and beyondVentureGrowthPublicAdoption
ReceiveFilterThemesInvestEventsadvisoryReserachInvestments Digial fitness tools becomemainstream People want to control theirown data Gen Z socialising in gamingmetaverses Sport Privacy Gaming Fintech Consumers demandingbetter banking
Knowledge through advisory, investments and insights. Creating an unfair advantage.
Growth focus but category leaders sometimes emerge early on. Timing is key.
Investment Management
Alon Kuperman
Investment Management
Joakim Dal
Head of Investor Relations
Ben Prade
Head of Asset Management
Per Roman
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