Global Technology Fund

The fund is a global equity fund that aims to reflect the overall intelligence of the leading and most successful equity managers in the world by investing in the equities they have as their best investment ideas, replicating their largest active positions.The fund can protect itself with derivatives in the event of stock market declines.

Investment strategy

Identifying the investment themes

We are investing in software, marketplaces, digital entertainment and fintech. Within these subsectors we select the themes we believe are the most interesting in terms of potential size and growth over the next 3-5 years.

Selecting the best companies

From our years of experience and network of industry experts, we select the leading companies in each theme. Key is to understand which product the consumers prefer and why. We also like to test the product ourselves and talk to people that are close to the company.

Monitoring and evaluating

We do not invest in companies losing market share or where competitors have a better product. If portfolio companies show signs of weakness in terms of customer offering, we are quick to exit the position.

The world’s leading services in large and growing themes




Digital Media

How do we identify the best public technology companies?

Industry Expertise

Deep sector knowledge

Stellar track record

Vast industry network

Value Proposition

Proven companies

Great products and management

Less focus on forecasting next quarterly earnings

Time Horizon

Focus on long-term value creation


Not driven by short-term gains or over-trading