Build the Future

August 2020

Funds overview
Consistently delivering above market returns

Executive summary
Join the informed capital of European technology

Raising GP Bullhound Fund V with a target size of €200m to support the leaders of the future

The GP Bullhound Platform1Leading technology advisory & investment firm with 9 offices world viewedBacked by tech entrepreneursOver 100 tech entrepreneurs have invested in our funds2Incisive Investment teamOur team comes with extensive experience in tech investmentsValue add investorOur portfolio companies get direct access to GP Bullhound bankers to helpSolid track record3Our last three funds have delivered over 20% net IRR with less than 5 yearsSector expertiseWe only focus on the sectors where GP Bullhound has built deep knowledgeUnparalleled deal flow4765We leverage our global network to access the best investment opportunities.
About GP Bullhound
We are a leading technology advisory and investment firm

We are the no. 1 global advisor (1) to leadingtechnology companies in competitive internationalsale and acquisition processes.Mergers & Acquisitions
InvestmentsThrough our investment team, we provide investorswith access to category leading technologycompanies.
Capital TransactionsWe are a leading global advisor to companies and their owners on capital related transactions.
OUR History
20 years of purpose-built work with ONE mission: partnering with global tech leaders to build the future

Twenty years in the making

1999Bullhound is founded in London to manage investments and research in technology catering to the needs of the tech ecosystem2001Bullhound launches its first report becomes GP Bullhound in a merger of equals and2005Bullhound acquires GP Capital up an office in Hong KongConnecting Asia by setting2017 and Manchesternew offices in Berlin, StockholmContinued European expansion with2011-2014technology advisory businessBullhound establishes the 2003tech in the valleyoffice and goes to the forefront of GP Bullhound sets up a San Francisco 2007presence in key European tech hubsLaunch of Paris and Madrid to expand 2016-2017EIF invests in our Fund III2013Europe’s tech communityFirst Summit bringing together2008scene expansion into the East Coast technologyAcquisition of AdMedia in New York and 2018Northern Tech awards onlineby bringing Investor Allstars,Expansion into a new digital age2020
country and sector teams
Our entire leadership team is geared towards making the investment practice a success

Gaining more access to marquee names fund to fund

Fund VFund IVFund IIIFund I & II€430m€156m€43m€10m
The importance of the sectors we are entrenched in has accelerated

Some sectors will both benefit from changed habits and do relatively well in an economic downturn

STRUCTURAL POSITIVESTRUCTURAL NEGATIVECYCLICAL NEGATIVECYCLICAL POSITIVEBenefitting on changed habits,but would be hit by a slower economyBenefitting from the changedhabits and low cyclicalityCyclical sectors that arehit by changed habitsLow cyclicality, but could lose from changed habitsSocial mediaFintechTelecomEdTechFood deliveryGamingHome fitnessDigital healthOnlinegroceriesVideo/musicstreamingWork-from-homesoftwareClassifiedsRecruitmentGig economyRide sharingRestaurantsTravelOnline dating