GP Bullhound Tech Stack Survey 2022

We would like to invite all CXOs and VPs (Product, Sales, Marketing, Engineering) within GP Bullhound’s network to take part in our annual Technology Stack Survey.

Our survey aims to identify and analyse key trends and companies that are driving the future of digital operations. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this initiative, and the chance to gain access to unique insights and data on the global tech stack landscape. The survey remains open until 31 May.

Participation is free and anonymous. We aim to share the anonymised and pooled results in Q3 2022, providing unique insights into how some of the best companies in the world build their software stack.

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Are you a CXO or VP in digital operations (Product, Sales, Marketing, Engineering)?
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For any enquiries about the survey, please contact:

Joel-Oskar Raisanen, Principal

[email protected]