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August 2016


About the Client

Founded in 2013 and based in San Francisco and London, Seene is a pioneering computer vision software company that enables smartphone users to create their own 3D content for mobile, VR, AR, gaming and social applications. The company specializes in mobile 3D capture and reconstruction technologies, and their products include the Seene app which enables consumers to capture, share and apply 3D content in iOS and Android, and supports Google Cardboard for viewing in Virtual Reality.

About the Deal

GP Bullhound, the international technology investment bank, acted as the exclusive financial adviser to Obvious Engineering Ltd, the parent company of Seene Inc., on its sale to Snapchat. As part of the transaction the Seene team will move to Los Angeles and join the Snapchat team. This transaction further highlights the GP Bullhound’s commitment to working with category leaders in the computer vision and mobile technology sectors.


GP Bullhound Director Alexis Scorer commented: “Computer Vision technology and expertise are increasingly important capabilities across a broad range of application markets, and we see significant opportunity for talented and pioneering software specialists like Seene. We are pleased to have successfully advised Seene on this transaction.”
GP Bullhound Partner Alec Dafferner commented: “We are excited to have worked with such an innovative company in Seene and see them partner with a leading global player in Snapchat.”