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We want to change the world. Nothing less.

No one said it was going to be easy. From scrappy entrepreneurs to seasoned investors, our partners, our clients and our people are united in our singular approach — we choose the hard way. Every journey from innovation to impact brings learnings for the next, helping us to spot value early and often, and to power and progress change on a global scale.

    Who we are

    If you know where to look, you can find brilliance in any market.

    If anything, bad markets make it easier to spot. Believe us, we got our start in 1999. From breakthrough products and processes to innovative tools and techniques, brilliance can take many forms. But it’s in people where it shines brightest. Then and now, we are united in our belief that technology can change the world and driven by a greater understanding — belief alone isn’t going to cut it.

    For technology to reach its potential , tech leaders need to reach theirs. Our process is defined by presence. With more than 150 colleagues in 14 offices spanning Europe, the US and Asia, we champion tech leadership, providing access to and investing in tech leaders around the world.

    We have had the privilege and responsibility to help guide and grow some of today’s greatest tech companies. Our principal investment and long-term advisory to Fjord resulted in their sale to Accenture, in turn launching Accenture’s global digital franchise.

    Our growth-round advisory to Delivery Hero propelled them to leadership in food delivery. Our principal investment and secondary trading in Spotify helped paving their way to become the leading global music platform.

    Deep dive into the core of GP Bullhound

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    20+ years of tech investing combined
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    Meeting thousands of tech companies per year

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    We harness decades of investment and advisory experience to identify and amplify brilliant tech leaders.