Corporate Responsibility

By Leaders for Climate Action

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are at the heart of our business and our initiatives are a continuously evolving process that we are incredibly passionate about. Applying these principles will allow better long-term financial returns for companies and investors, and a closer alignment with the values of our team and society. We believe that tech contributes to the greater good and provides solutions to solve many of the world’s problems and injustices.

GP Bullhound gives back during Earth Week.

At GP Bullhound, it is of great importance for us to give back to our local and global communities. In celebration of Earth Week 2022, our teams participated in meaningful activities and volunteering efforts around the world, ranging from wildlife preservation, plant conservation and environmental protection to youth projects and educational seminars on animal welfare.

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We are committed to building a better and more sustainable future
What we do at GP Bullhound
Environment & Sustainability

With our CSR group and carbon footprint program, we work towards mitigating our environmental impact, by reducing our energy consumption and waste generation, digitalising communications and materials, optimising our archiving with Data Life Cycle Management and server virtualisation, and prioritising sustainable procurement.

Labour & Human Rights

With 40 nationalities represented within our team, we champion diversity, respect, education and equal chances for all. Our employee benefits include parental leave, flexible work, healthcare coverage, training and mentoring, and company stock ownership. Our cultural board and Women @GPB groups work on enhancing company culture and gender diversity.

Ethics & Compliance

We have formal compliance policies in place against corruption, bribery and to ensure third-party information security.

As a way to contribute to a better world now and tomorrow, we also give back a share of our success by supporting charitable non-profit organisations, with emphasis in areas where tech intersects with human rights, education, health, diversity, and the environment.

Investing & Advising Responsibly

We consider multiple criteria when selecting the companies we work with, such as their impact on the environment and society, their approach to talent, equality, regulatory compliance, as well as financial health and political risk. GP Bullhound is a member of the British, Swedish, Luxembourg and Hong Kong Private Equity & Venture Capital Associations, and follows and supports the UN Principles for Responsible Investment.

We are proud to support local and international initiatives through our events and network
Some organisations we support
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For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected].

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Vice President, Platform
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ESG & Special Operations Coordinator
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Director, Technology
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Global Senior HR Business Partner
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