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Life as a Bullhounder
The endless pursuit of potential

At work or out, if we set our minds to it, you can bet we’re going to make it happen.
At GP Bullhound, ambition fills the rooms and halls of our global offices and anywhere you find a member of our team.

We are bent on changing the world, sharing a forensic interest in finance, genuine passion for tech, and empathy for what it means to be an entrepreneur. Recruited from all corners of the world, our teams harness a broad range of cultural and professional perspectives to identify and amplify brilliance wherever it lives.

    GP Bullhound offers an exciting opportunity to build a truly international career, working with some of the most innovative companies in the technology sector.

    At GP Bullhound, we are launching a new centre of excellence and innovation based in Malaga, one of the fastest-growing tech destinations in the world.