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GP Bullhound portfolio company update

Believe is playing to the beat with Euronext IPO.

Paris, 10 June 2021 - Believe listed on Euronext Paris under the symbol “BLV”. GP Bullhound has been an investor and advisor to Believe since 2014. We want to congratulate CEO Denis Ladegaillerie and the entire team for this remarkable achievement.

Based in Paris, Believe is a next-generation music label for the streaming era, helping artists to distribute their music online, and to build their audience and careers across several platforms. As streaming services have boosted the growth of music consumption, Believe is challenging major labels through its tech-based platform, currently servicing more than 850,000 artists.

GP Bullhound advised Believe on its funding round led by TCV in November 2014, and since then has also invested in the company across several funds. The relationship builds upon GP Bullhound’s experience with Spotify, Tunigo, and we7 in the digital music space. Over the years, GP Bullhound supported Believe by identifying bolt-on M&A opportunities and helping to solidify its brand with research and events.

Denis Ladegaillerie, Founder and CEO of Believe, commented: “GP Bullhound has been a crucial partner in helping us scale the company. They have been a strategic advisor, investor and trusted friend through our geographic expansion and multiple acquisitions.”

Manish Madhvani, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at GP Bullhound, said: “Believe was founded to disrupt the music industry by offering artists an efficient alternative to traditional music labels, allowing them to own their careers. We want to congratulate Denis and his team for such an important milestone and we are excited for the road ahead, as Believe continues towards its vision of becoming the leading music label of the digital era.”

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Alon Kuperman, Executive Director,
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