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GP Bullhound releases inaugural CFO Handbook for B2B SaaS companies

The CFO Handbook for B2B SaaS.

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14 April 2023 - GP Bullhound has released its inaugural CFO Handbook, providing a comprehensive overview for CFOs and software companies on how modern B2B SaaS organizations can be run to ensure high performance, and a culture of continuous improvement. Through interviews with high-performing B2B SaaS businesses, the handbook highlights how CFOs, finance teams, and organizations can leverage standard and industry-specific metrics, benchmarks for various performance levels, traditional revenue and cost reporting, and the processes of a software company's sales and finance organization, to operate at the highest level.

This handbook aims to provide a comprehensive overview for CFOs and software companies on how modern B2B SaaS organizations can be run to ensure high performance and a culture of continuous improvement. It covers both standard and industry-specific metrics used in a subscription software company, with a focus on understanding how to best leverage these metrics to measure a business performance and growth. Additionally, it provides benchmarks for various performance levels to give context to a company’s performance.

Through interviews with high-performing B2B SaaS businesses, the handbook highlights how their CFOs, finance teams, and organizations leverage the above to operate at the highest level. In addition, examples of software products for companies at different stages of development are included to inspire CFOs and their finance teams should they need assistance in building their tech stack.

Gustav Fridell, Associate at GP Bullhound, commented: “The CFO’s role is vital for a software startup’s success, yet it is demanding and ever-changing. The idea with the handbook is to provide CFOs and finance teams a concise reference, addressing key topics, best practices, and strategies to help the entire organization achieve the highest performance and foster a culture of continuous improvement.”

Chee Meng Ng, Analyst at GP Bullhound, commented: “Having spoken with various CFOs in our network, we noticed that there were various common themes and concerns raised in our discussions. This provided us the opportunity to pool our resources and knowledge, leveraging our GP Bullhound platform to compile this handbook that we hope will be able to guide CFOs and finance teams.”

In this comprehensive guide, the structure and components of a software company’s income statement and balance sheet are explained, as well as the connection between industry-specific metrics and traditional revenue and cost reporting. Furthermore, the processes of a software company’s sales organization are discussed in detail as they are inherently linked with the finance organization. Lastly, an appendix is included with templates for effective reporting of the metrics discussed, ensuring consistency for all stakeholders in a B2B SaaS company.

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