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GP Bullhound Fund V invests in Elias

The final building block for complete user immersion.

Stockholm, 4 December 2020 - GP Bullhound invested in game audio and music software platform Elias.

At GP Bullhound we believe the world is undergoing a generational shift where it is no longer enough to be entertained – but where consumers want to create their own entertainment, shifting from scripted entertainment to user-scripted entertainment. As we respect the complexity of sound as an art form – we also live in a world where art and technology are colliding.

Elias is a team of developers and composers bringing adaptive music and sound to user-scripted events. Through Elias, product developers are provided with a complete software platform that plugs directly into game engines, such as Unity, where they can create adaptive music and dynamic sound – significantly shortening the game development cycle by increasing workflow efficiency. The end-user results can already be experienced in games such as Rage 2, Mutant Year Zero and Way Out.

Kristoffer and Philip, Co-founders of Elias, commented: “As composers, audio designers, developers and most importantly gamers, we saw a clear opportunity to bring the relationship between music and gaming to the 21st century. Our unique understanding of both ends of the spectrum have allowed us to build a user-friendly platform without compromising on quality.”

Elias will raise SEK36m in total to fuel product development and international expansion.

Staffan Dahl, CEO of Elias, added: “We are thrilled to have GP Bullhound on board as our long-term strategic partner. GP Bullhound is an active and experienced investor in the music and game space and together we are now in pole position to expand our team to support delivering on our ambitious product roadmap. Our focus on truly adaptive game music and sound will remain, and the goal is to drastically improve sound designers’ and composers’ workflow and control of the creative process.”

Joakim Dal, Partner at GP Bullhound, said: “Gaming and music are two ecosystems that GP Bullhound holds close to heart and through our investments in Spotify, Tunigo, Unity and Quixel we have supported these industries since 2012. Our investment in Elias is the union of our previous experience and excitement about the future of music and gaming. We deeply believe we are just about to enter the final building block for true immersion!”

GP Bullhound is investing from GP Bullhound Fund V, focused on growth-stage businesses in the software industry.

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