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GP Bullhound Leads $20M Investment in RavenPack to Launch Next-Gen AI Platform

Madrid, 1 July 2024 - GP Bullhound has led a $20 million investment in RavenPack, a data analytics pioneer for financial services. This investment aims to accelerate the development and launch of RavenPack’s new AI platform,, enhancing decision-making for leading financial professionals.

For more than 20 years, RavenPack has been a cornerstone for some of the world’s largest institutional investors, with its data and analytical solutions utilised by the most successful hedge funds and banks. The new funding will be used to bring Bigdata to market, further enhancing its capabilities.

Bigdata, available in private beta to select users this summer, is set to transform decision-making for financial professionals by offering instantaneous insights and analytics grounded in quality sources. By leveraging real-time data sets and global economic trends, Bigdata ensures users receive the most current market insights while emphasising high-quality data to minimise the risk of hallucinations and provide trusted information for reliable and accurate decision-making.

Per Roman, Founder and Managing Partner at GP Bullhound, stated: “The evolution of technology has brought us through several transformative waves, culminating in the current convergence of data and computing power that heralds the fourth wave of software innovation, with AI at its core. Our investment in RavenPack aligns with our philosophy of supporting founders who are at the helm of new technological waves. We are confident that RavenPack is poised to lead the charge in this new era of financial data analytics with the upcoming launch of

Armando Gonzalez, CEO and Co-Founder of RavenPack, added: “This investment marks a pivotal moment for RavenPack. With the support of GP Bullhound, we are set to bring our most advanced solution to the market, setting a new standard in the financial services industry. Financial professionals want to tap into the tremendous power of AI, but current chatbots have yet to fully meet their evolving needs. aims to change that by empowering its users with real-time trusted data, providing a gateway to instant knowledge and confident decision-making for an eager market.”

GP Bullhound is investing in RavenPack through its DoubleDown I (DD1) fund, which also includes late-stage ventures such as ConnexOne, Playtomic, and HackerOne. By strategically investing in the AI-led software revolution, GP Bullhound focuses on the sustained growth of software by backing category leaders in the later stages of venture. The investment was made with participation from the European Investment Bank (EIB) Group.

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About RavenPack 
RavenPack is a leading provider of data analytics and insights for financial institutions. Specialising in transforming unstructured data into actionable intelligence, RavenPack utilises advanced natural language processing and machine learning techniques to analyse vast amounts of news, social media, and other textual content. Their products help clients improve investment performance, manage risks, and uncover market opportunities. Trusted by hedge funds, banks, and asset managers worldwide, RavenPack’s innovative solutions support data-driven decision-making in the fast-paced world of finance.

About The European Investment Bank (EIB) 
The European Investment Bank (EIB) is the long-term lending institution of the European Union owned by its Member States. It provides finance and expertise for projects that contribute to EU objectives. The EIB Group works closely with public and private-sector partners to support sustainable investment, job creation, economic growth and innovation across Europe. 

About The European Investment Fund (EIF) 
The European Investment Fund (EIF) is part of the European Investment Bank Group. Its central mission is to support Europe’s micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by helping them to access finance. The EIF designs and develops venture and growth capital, guarantees and microfinance instruments which specifically target this market segment. In this role, the EIF fosters EU objectives in support of innovation, research and development, entrepreneurship, growth and employment.

About GP Bullhound 
GP Bullhound is a leading technology advisory and investment firm, providing transaction advice and capital to the world’s best entrepreneurs and founders. Founded in 1999 in London and Menlo Park, the firm today has 12 offices spanning Europe, the US, and Asia. For more information, please visit

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