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Carbon accounting software: Counting what matters

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26 March - GP Bullhound releases its Carbon Accounting Software report, analysing how software and AI can assist businesses in tracking and reporting their carbon emissions.

Key takeaways

  • As environmental responsibility becomes integral to corporate strategy and reporting, carbon accounting is set to be a widespread business necessity in the coming years
  • Today, only 10% of companies track their full carbon emissions, and those who do spend 75% of their time mapping emissions activities
  • 87% of companies want to expand the reporting scope if provided better digital tools, and businesses with automated emission measurement are 2.2x more likely to measure emissions fully, and 1.9x more likely to reduce them
  • Increased automation is crucial for a wider carbon accounting adoption, overcoming the main hurdles in complexity of activity mapping, data gathering and processing
  • Key technological developments will be solving data infrastructures – using AI for efficiency, improved integrations and collaboration across more data-driven supply chains
  • The next generation of carbon accounting technologies will fuel a staggering market growth, from today’s value of $12bn to c.$65bn by 2030

Nelly Tranaas, Analyst at GP Bullhound, commented: “We are rethinking business-as-usual, and expectations for measuring and reporting beyond financial values will make accounting for carbon emissions a minimum requirement for business leaders. The first generation of carbon accounting software has driven crucial awareness, and the first wave of digitisation, but the task’s complexity is becoming increasingly obvious. We are excited to witness the transformative power of AI in structuring and processing activity data and improved system integrations, paving the way for more viable end-user software solutions. With time, digital supply chains and large real-time databases will facilitate more automated and transparent carbon accounting, resulting the formation of a new, viable accounting ecosystem.”

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