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Covid-19 update

We are in this together.

17 March 2020 - While the Covid-19 virus in China and South Korea seems to be at least temporarily contained, the number of new cases is rising exponentially in Europe and the US. Each country is making up its own policies at the moment and time will tell what was most effective. Our thoughts and prayers go to those who are affected by the disease.

This is a period of unusual turbulence and economic loss. Our view is that we are only starting to understand the impact on the global economy and we predict that the consequences will be significant and not short-term.

At GP Bullhound we have gained much insight having navigated through other crises, and we know that such uncertain times can also present opportunities. While all sectors will be affected, we believe that our focus on the five sectors of software, digital media, marketplaces, fintech and digital services is well placed during this crisis and then coming out of it.

Our long-term themes of increased digital entertainment, online consumption, flexible workplaces, artificial intelligence and the reinvention of financial markets may even be accelerated.

We are committed to supporting our clients and portfolio companies even more so at times like this, as many of them will play critical roles to deliver our food, educate our children, facilitate our work, keep us entertained, relieve our stress, and many other things that will make a great difference to many people in this extraordinary situation.

Please reach out to our global team of over 100 professionals (all fully engaged working remotely) for any help you seek regarding operating or investing in companies in our focus areas.

We are in this together, and together we are one.

The GP Bullhound team

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