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Geospatial intelligence: From maps to meaning

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21 February - The report provides in-depth analysis of the trends shaping Earth observation and space infrastructure, and innovations transforming and enabling satellite operations.

Hampus Hellermark, Principal at GP Bullhound, commented: “Few industries are as strategically intertwined with the significant structural tailwinds we are currently experiencing as geospatial intelligence. In addition, the industry could be a key player in addressing some of the core problems we must solve. With the significant decrease in launch costs, growing number of Earth observation satellites and advancements in AI, our understanding of what is happening on Earth and where has never been higher.”

Key takeaways

  • Launch costs have plummeted by 80-90%, and manufacturing expenses have decreased to a range of $100k to a few million, in contrast to NASA’s most recent Landsat-8 satellite, which incurred a cost of nearly $1bn
  • This has spurred a surge in Earth observation satellites, growing at a CAGR of >20% since 2010. Long-term annual satellite demand is estimated to reach 30,000
  • The broader Earth observation market was estimated to be valued between €9-€17bn in 2022, with the market size varying based on the inclusion of governmental transactions and specific vertical use cases. Projections indicate a >10% annual growth rate in the coming years, with the potential for the Earth observation market to soar as high as €31bn by 2027

The report also features exclusive interviews with industry leaders:

– Pierrick Poulenas, Founder, Picterra
– Barbara Ryan, former Executive Director, World Geospatial Industry Council
– Daniel Seidel, Co-founder, LiveEO

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