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28 September 2020 - GP Bullhound’s investment in HackerOne has been an important part of our strategy to support the best technology entrepreneurs, with a focus on growth-stage businesses in the Software industry, and the rising need for cybersecurity.

In its fourth annual Hacker Powered Security Report, HackerOne takes an essential, in-depth look at the digital security ecosystem amid the Covid-19 pandemic. With large-scale data breaches up by an astonishing 273% in early 2020, compared with 2019, and nearly 64% of global security leaders seeing an increased risk of a breach, there is an urgent need for change as security leaders fight the outbreak of cybercrime with fewer resources.

One thing is certain: “hacker-powered security is the future of cybersecurity – and that future is here.”

To read the full report, we encourage you to visit

“When my friend and industry legend Mårten Mickos took the helm at HackerOne, I realised this was a company to look into. HackerOne is not just a great cybersecurity company but a creator of a very positive and important new way of combatting ever-escalating cyber-criminality” – Per Roman, Co-Founder and Head of Asset Management at GP Bullhound, advisor to GP Bullhound Funds.

Founded in 2012, HackerOne is a San Francisco-based cybersecurity firm that addresses the growing need for external experts to help improve security. With blue chip customers such as Salesforce, Microsoft and Amazon, as well as quickly growing Spotify and Slack, HackerOne helps organisations expose and fix vulnerabilities by running bug bounty programmes and penetration tests on a platform connected to over 400,000 white-hat hackers.

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