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12 November 2019 - Epic Games today announced that Quixel, creator of the world’s largest photogrammetry asset library and bundled toolset, has joined the company in an acquisition. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Teddy Bergsman and Waqar Azim founded Quixel in 2011 with the vision to substantially speed up how creators build digital environments. Since its foundation, Quixel has given creators access to a vast and ever-expanding library of 3D building blocks and easy-to-use tools to simplify the creative process. These assets and tools have become indispensable to the artists behind some of the most iconic digital productions of our time, such as the Jungle Book, which won an Academy Award for best visual effects.

Teddy and Waqar commented: “We founded Quixel to make the creative process simpler and faster and with nothing less than photo realism. Project Rebirth is such an example where we pushed the boundaries of what small teams can create in short time. Working with EPIC on Rebirth has been crucial for us to understand that they share the same values and vision as we do. By joining forces we will be able to serve the creative community even better.”

Joakim Dal, Partner at GP Bullhound, added: “It has been a very rewarding experience working with Teddy, Waqar and their skilled team. Since GP Bullhound invested in 2018, the company has grown the number of employees more than 8 times to 200 people and more than quadrupled their revenue. But I believe this is only the beginning of Teddy and Waqar’s journey and I am very excited to see what they can bring to the creative community together with Epic.”

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