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Smart Manufacturing

The Rise of The Machines.

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July 2019 - The way we work and produce things is at the dawn of fundamental changes driven by new technologies, according to a new report released today by leading technology advisory and investment firm GP Bullhound.

Smart Manufacturing: The Rise of the Machines reveals the emergence of a new manufacturing stack driven by the integration of new technologies, such as AI, IoT, digital design, simulation, additive manufacturing and smart robotics. A large part of this change is driven by tremendous amounts of venture investments – more than $6bn in 2018 – and the emergence of new platforms in this vertical.

Dr Nikolas Westphal, Director at GP Bullhound comments:

“Our economies will undergo significant changes in the future, driven by increasingly smart and agile automation across an evolving factory stack. In many of the business models featured in our report, you can already glimpse a future of increasing automation, outcome centricity and a re-invention of the capital goods sector. We ultimately believe that automating repetitive tasks will enable us to concentrate on those qualities that set us apart from machines and algorithms: being and acting human.”

The report takes a global approach with focus across the cyberphysical production stack, analysing the funding and M&A market activity in the sector, and how the major incumbents and entrants communicate on their strategies in R&D, investments, acquisitions and partnerships.

The report contains views from cutting-edge smart manufacturing start-ups, such as Bright Machines and Oden Technologies, large strategics, such as Bosch and General Electric, leading professional services company Accenture, as well as investors and academics.

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