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GP Bullhound Fund V invests in Whoop

Empowering the next generation of athletes.

1 September 2021 - GP Bullhound announces a new investment into Whoop. The $200m financing round at a $3.4Bn valuation was led by Softbank with participation from IVP and GP Bullhound Fund V. Whoop will primarily use the new capital to invest in research and product development, international expansion and membership offerings.

At GP Bullhound we believe in a continued awareness and focus on wellness, as consumers increasingly prioritise their health – with sleep becoming an integral part of the discussion. By giving users a deeper understanding of their sleep, Whoop unlocks a plethora of insights that can be used to enhance sleep quality and overall recovery.

The company has experienced hyper growth over the last couple of years, as consumers look for real-time actionable feedback on how their lifestyle choices impact their overall health, and embrace the subscription-based model. On top of this, many high profile professional athletes such as Patrick Mahomes, Steph Curry and Rory Mcllory, have started to embrace technology, as competition between the world’s best athletes is getting stiffer.

“I am in love with the Whoop software application!” said Per Roman, Managing Partner at GP Bullhound.

“Many of us at GP Bullhound have been experimenting with Whoop and other sleep and fitness wearables over the last couple of years. It became clear that in terms of being a software differentiated hardware company Whoop is far ahead of its competitors. The best technology products are able to provide an insightful user experience from minimal energy input. That is also why we believe that changing long term habits such as sleep, fitness and diet requires a hardware component to process and analyse data. Whoop is one of those rare products that have a real and beautiful impact on your life. Fun fact, 12 month retention at GP Bullhound is +65%,” added Hampus Hellermark, Associate at GP Bullhound.

GP Bullhound invested through Fund V, following other recent investments including DuckDuckGo, Discord, Vivino, Glovo, Lingokids, Wallapop, Sesamy, Elias and MariaDB.

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Alon Kuperman, Executive Director,
Hampus Hellermark, Associate,

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