The Mother of All Tech Battles.
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February 2019 - How can Europe’s autotech firms achieve scale in order to compete with the biggest players in the industry? Which established and emerging companies are currently disrupting the sector? Who might win, or lose, in the battle between global tech giants and the traditional automobile manufacturers?

From the moment that Karl Benz built the first petrol-powered internal combustion engine automobile in Mannheim in 1885, Das Auto has transformed global economies, shaped entire societies and tested the limits of engineering time and time again. But more than 100 years after the petrol powered car passed go for the first time, stress fractures are starting to appear.

The multi-trillion-dollar industry is facing unprecedented change across a number of fronts and over the next 10-15 years, four trends are set to converge and potentially change the industry forever: Electrification, autonomous driving, shared mobility, and connected experiences. In this new world, car makers are confronted with a myriad of challenges and the automotive industry is facing unprecedented disruption from emerging and established technology firms keen for a slice of the action.

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