Digital Healthcare
Local Challenges, Global Opportunities.
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November 2015 - GP Bullhound, the technology investment bank, has today released its latest research report, which provides in-depth analysis on the growth of the digital healthcare industry across Europe and the US.

The report, Digital Healthcare – local challenges, global opportunities, is a comprehensive study of the health tech sector. It examines in detail the key digital healthcare startups in Europe and the US, predictions for the future growth sectors within digital healthcare and the value and investment activity of the market.

The report reveals a series of predictions for the next ten years of digital healthcare. These include genomics and the cross indexing of data against the genetic code, national systems of electronic health records, artificial intelligence allowing physicians to leverage data and insight in diagnosis, and moving beyond the hospital into value-based healthcare.

Chris Graves, Director of GP Bullhound, commented: “Digital technology is coming of age in the healthcare sector. A number of demographic and financial trends are forcing healthcare payers and providers to embrace new models of care, many of which have digital at their heart. There is a vibrant community of digital healthcare entrepreneurs who are engaging with local challenges to take advantage of the global opportunities in the sector – we believe their businesses can be highly attractive for investors”.

The healthcare industry is worth $7.2 trillion globally, and technology is coming to the forefront of the sector due to the challenge of the world’s ageing population, the proliferation of connected devices and increasing investment. GP Bullhound profiles a wide range of digital healthcare businesses, which we divide into four categories: digital telemedicine, digital treatment or diagnostics, healthcare marketplaces and networks, and next generation healthcare IT.

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