Accepting responsibility for environmental impact
Driving change to build a better future.
23 August 2021 - At GP Bullhound, sustainability and corporate responsibility are at the heart of our business and principles. We choose to be responsible for the environmental impact generated by our operations, mitigating and offsetting this impact to ensure a better world for the future.

As a result, we support Leaders for Climate Action (LFCA) and their goal of improving the global economy by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We accomplish this by calculating and offsetting our CO2 emissions through CDM Gold-certified projects. In addition, we continuously define specific reduction targets to limit our emissions related to travel, food and energy usage.

By Leaders for Climate Action

When selecting projects to offset our emissions, we choose to support a broad range of initiatives that benefit the greatest number of people and the environment. This year, we are proud to support several projects offering clean drinking water to populations in Laos and Uganda, and renewable energy in the Dominican Republic.

Through ceramic water filters, TerraClear provides clean drinking water to Laos’ rural populace at a lower cost. This eliminates emissions associated with heating water, local forest degradation, and health hazards associated with waterboard infections.

Through ultraviolet (UV) filtration, the Clean Drink Water initiative in Uganda provides clean drinking water to low-income households, small and medium companies, and schools. This helps to prevent deforestation and land degradation, improves health, and gives women and children more time that otherwise would have been spent looking for firewood.

The Solar Energy project in the Dominican Republic provides renewable energy to roughly 50,000 households each year. This initiative decreases the use of fossil fuels while also providing local jobs, a visitor center, and a social activities fund.

We continue on our efforts to reach carbon-neutrality and play our part in saving the planet, and we encourage you to join the movement towards a better future.

For any enquiries, please contact our Climate Officer Joyce Byrne, at

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