GP Bullhound publishes new research: The Future of Online and Mobile Payments

The online and mobile payments space is crowded and diverse, as a result of heavy venture investments over recent decades. However, we believe the market is now starting to become mature and ripe for consolidation where ownership of users and merchants will be a key ingredient.

Since the dawn of eCommerce and online payments, credit cards have been the dominating payment type used by consumers around the globe. What we are seeing now is a shift toward alternative payment services, where the credit card networks in some cases are sidestepped and excluded from the transaction. As a result of this, alternative payments as a group are forecast to account for close to 60% of the total online transaction value by 2017 – up from 43% in 2012.

Our research covers the main technologies and aims to give a comprehensive overview of this diverse landscape. We will also present our views on key trends and themes in the industry and what implications this might hold for the future.