The New Mobile App Reality
The new era of app-driven mobile computing is a category-changer for the world.
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July 2014 - This report covers the whole spectrum of the Mobile App phenomenon: how it started, why it’s so powerful, what’s changing, the keys to success, consumption and monetization categories, the challenges, and the massive scale of this game-changing opportunity.

The new era of app-driven mobile computing is a category-changer for the world. Regardless of age, location, social status or cultural interests, people can no longer conduct their lives without mobile devices.

App stores are now the number one shopping destination worldwide. The first major Application Store arrived on the scene just six years ago a year after the launch of the iPhone—producing a seismic shift in consumer behavior.

This mobile app opportunity is huge. Ali Dagli, Director at GP Bullhound, says: “Messaging app WhatsApp has more than 500m users. Freemium game Puzzle & Dragons made $1.5bn in revenues and $900m in EBITDA in 2013. All solely on iOS and Android. These numbers are unprecedented.

Create a great service and the consumers of the world will come in droves. Given the scale of reward, the mobile app space is crowded, and it has its share of challenges. For those who step up, however, the global value creation opportunity has never been bigger.”

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