Investment in Skyline Solar
Incorporating industry-proven silicon cells.
April 2011 - GP Bullhound acted as the exclusive financial advisor to Skyline Solar on a funding round. The proceeds will be used to ramp up its recently announced next generation X14 integrated concentrated photovoltaic system.

Skyline Solar manufactures integrated CPV systems, incorporating industry-proven silicon cells, durable mirrors and single-axis tracking into an easy-to-deploy energy solution. The Skyline Solar X14 System delivers a levelized cost of energy (LCOE) below ten cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh), including incentives, in areas with high sun exposure. Built primarily out of commodity materials and assembled using globally available manufacturing processes, the Skyline X14 System offers customers excellent financial returns and outstanding scalability.

Tom Rohrs, Skyline’s Chairman and CEO, commented “We selected GP Bullhound because of their global reach, which provided us with access to investors in the United States, Europe and Asia. Their strong track record, experience and breadth of relationships in the renewable energy sector proved highly valuable to our fundraising process.”