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Top Technology Predictions 2016

The now, near and next of the global technology sector in 2016.

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The report touches upon a wide range of topics across the technology landscape.

GP Bullhound, the technology investment bank, has today released its top ten technology trends predictions for 2016, based on its own analysis of investment and acquisition activity and insights provided by its international team.

Alec Dafferner, Partner of GP Bullhound, commented: “Investment activity across the global technology landscape continued to increase in 2015, defined by $624 billion in aggregate M&A activity, the highest annual level in history. Our technology predictions highlight the sectors set to attract substantial interest and investment in the coming year.”

“Technology advances at a rapid rate and 2016 will see sectors rise and fall. Virtual reality, connected devices and enterprise mobility are all being driven by high profile product releases and growing consumer penetration. However, drones, cybersecurity and even tech unicorns will come under increasing pressure to justify their hype.”

The report also profiles the tech companies to watch in 2016, in everything from digital media to connected devices.

Top 10 predictions in full:

1. Virtual reality becomes reality
2. “Quantified Self” transitions from niche to mainstream
3. Automobile industry ripe for innovation
4. Alternative lending continues to shine brightly in Fintech sector
5. Gaming giants fortify positions in top grossing charts
6. Digital video becomes more measured to keep growing up
7. “Deskless” workers come to forefront in enterprise mobility shift
8. Cybersecurity continues soul searching
9. Drones will fly into headwinds of uncertainty
10. Unicorn hunting now in season

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