Our key takeaways on Software, Digital Services, Fintech, Digital Media and Marketplaces.
14 July 2020 - GP Bullhound today publishes its latest quarterly market reports. Read all about the CEOs and the key trends we see in the Software, Digital Services, Fintech, Digital Media and Marketplaces sectors.

“COVID continues to disrupt people’s lives across the world. Those able are still mostly working remotely, with some economies at the state and national level re-opening. Cloud software has been an integral part of businesses being able to function throughout the crisis, and public market valuations have reflected this renewed focus on digital, cloud native operations. Despite the tough macroeconomic conditions, software M&A has remained strong particularly in the US, where there is consolidation happening in a new environment where burn is being heavily scrutinized, and valuations have tightened. We expect M&A to remain strong through the rest of this year as PE firms build out platforms with large amounts of dry powder, and strategics deploy large cash reserves to build out products,” said Jonathan Cantwell, Partner at GP Bullhound.

Download GP Bullhound’s Q2 2020 Global Software Market Perspectives here.

“As we have moved through the pandemic, the acceleration towards digital has become faster and more relevant than ever. Digital transformation has become a renewed focus point and we are seeing consolidator activity increase across e-commerce and healthcare in particular, alongside sustained acquisition activity from global consultancy consolidators,” said Simon Nicholls and Greg Smith, Partners at GP Bullhound.

Download GP Bullhound’s Q2 2020 Global Digital Services Market Perspectives here.

“In our Q2 report, we discuss certain trends that highlight some of the COVID tailwinds, such as digital payments and online trading, while also bringing back to focus insurtech. Additionally, we cover the re-imagining of the finance function through software, as well as feature CEO/Founder profiles from companies in the wealth management, insurtech and challenger banking spaces,” said Claudio Alvarez, Partner at GP Bullhound.

Download GP Bullhound’s Q2 2020 Global Fintech Market Perspectives here.

“This quarter, the continued impact of COVID-19 has challenged online publishers to find ways to better monetize increased traffic when fighting decreased ad spend. Further affecting revenues is the call amongst major advertisers to boycott social media sites thought to propagate hate speech. However, not all are struggling as gaming companies continue to outperform off the back of increases in game play and digital music continues to see strong market receptivity,“ said Alec Dafferner, Partner at GP Bullhound.

Download GP Bullhound’s Q2 2020 Global Digital Media Market Perspectives here.

“In Q2, we saw a sharp recovery in performance and valuations in most verticals in the marketplaces sector after the COVID-induced shock. Towards the end of the quarter there was further consolidation in mature verticals (e.g. food), and in general online incumbents have gained significant market share and share of mind versus the offline sector, accelerating an ongoing shift. Going forward, we expect an increase in funding and M&A activity,” said Alessandro Casartelli, Executive Director at GP Bullhound.

Download GP Bullhound’s Q2 2020 Global Marketplaces Market Perspectives here.

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