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Key market insights into Software, Digital Services, Digital Media, Digital Commerce and Fintech.

20 July 2023 - GP Bullhound publishes its latest quarterly market reports today. Read all about the companies and key trends that we see in Software, Digital Services, Digital Media, Digital Commerce and Fintech.


Jonathan Cantwell, Partner & Head of Software at GP Bullhound, said: “In Q2, we have seen several artificial intelligence and ESG trends drive the software sector. Rising tides in AI and ESG are the biggest needle movers in the space right now. Software consolidators and investors are looking to back the best-in-breed disruptors with differentiated AI technology. ESG has become a must-have, not a need-to-have, for all enterprises worldwide.”

Matt Stamp, Partner in the Software team at GP Bullhound, commented: “Global dealmaking began to stabilise in Q2, showing early signs of recovery, as global M&A/buyout values and private placements started to bounce back slowly. Tech is officially in a bull market since December lows, as valuations continue to stabilise and the likelihood of a recession softens.”

Download GP Bullhound’s Q2 2023 Global Software Market Perspectives here.


Oliver Schweitzer and Ravi Ghedia, Executive Directors at GP Bullhound, said: “We have seen various trends shaping the Digital Services landscape in Q2. Low-code solutions are reducing pressure on developers, turning non-technical users into ‘citizen developers’; continuous development in visual effects is revolutionising how brands think about digital marketing; a growing push towards composable platforms is seeing increased fundraising and M&A activity across composable tech providers and firms specialised in composable strategy and implementation. On the dealmaking side, Q2 deal volumes reduced to in line with Q2 2020, but agency group activity remained high with WPP, Publicis and Dentsu being very active.”

Download GP Bullhound’s Q2 2023 Global Digital Services Market Perspectives here.


Alec Dafferner, Partner at GP Bullhound, said: “In this quarterly report, we have highlighted several key trends driving the sector: the rise of video games movies and series is forcing Hollywood and investors to look at significant investments in this market; AI-driven content creation is growing, and future iterations will focus on hyper-personalisation, prototype acceleration and predictive analysis; major AR/VR headset releases this year show that the gaming world is continuing to evolve toward more realistic experiences and the pipeline of new titles for this market is promising. While market conditions remain uncertain, the GP Bullhound Digital Media diversified indices had a great quarter, rising by c.8.8% compared to Q1 2023.”

Download GP Bullhound’s Q2 2023 Global Digital Media Market Perspectives here.


Alessandro Casartelli, Executive Director at GP Bullhound, said: “In our latest report, we have highlighted the key digital commerce trends in Q2 2023. Virtual dressing room technology becomes mainstream thanks to AI, drone deliveries are growing in popularity as a quicker and more cost-effective delivery method, and public-to-private deals and hostile takeovers attempts have made a comeback as some companies are perceived as undervalued. While the IPOs remain quiet and valuations are still off their highs, the market is showing initial signs of recovery.”

Download GP Bullhound’s Q2 2023 Global Digital Commerce Market Perspectives here.


Claudio Alvarez, Partner at GP Bullhound, commented: “Several trends emerged across the fintech space in Q2: the sector is catalysing the evolution of ESG, with multiple applications at the intersection of both, including data and analytics, impact reporting, and sustainable investment solutions; the digital payment revolution continues, with more customers than ever owning three or more digital wallets, and, lastly, we are seeing increasing potential for institutions to revisit crypto launches on the back of a solid crypto start this year.”

Download GP Bullhound’s Q2 2023 Global Fintech Market Perspectives here.

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